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Wunder-Bar Manifold Inlet fitting

14150: straight, 1/4 long, inlet, bar gun         14151: straight, 1/4 short, inlet, bar gun 

14152: straight, 3/8 long, inlet, bar gun         14153: straight, 3/8 short, inlet, bar gun


1.The To Wunder-Bar Manifold Inlet fitting is compact, built with premium parts and serves many purposes, giving you more time to focus on customers, improve efficiency and sell more drinks;

2.This fitting connects your 3/8" ID hose/tubing to the soda gun manifold;

3.The accuracy tolerance reach +/- 0.001mm.

4.Meeting Reach-SVHC requirement, NSF certification;

5.Easy and fast installation, making cost minimized;

6.Soft colors and excellent design, suitable for installation either exposed or hidden;

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