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Barb Hose Tee

30701:SS 304 Tee, 1/8 Barb, 47.6mm L, 31.0mm H     30707:1/4 × 3/8 Barb hose tees

30702:SS 304 Tee, 1/4 Barb, 47.8mm L, 30.2mm H     30708:1/4 × 1/2 Barb hose tees-enlarging

30703:5/16 Barb hose tees-reducing                           30709:3/8 × 1/4 Barb hose tees

30704:3/8 Barb hose tees                                              30710:3/8 × 1/2 Barb hose tees-enlarging

30705:1/2 Barb hose tees                                              30711:Tee S/S 6/6/10 Barb

30706:1/4 (2) × 1/8 Barb hose tees                                30712:Tee S/S 10/10/6 Barb


1.The Stainless Steel 304 Barb Tee Mender fittings are used to divide or combine fluid flow through hose, tubing.

2.The barb tee adapter is for connecting pipes or hoses of different types

3.Smooth interior walls giving high flow capacity. Lightweight, easy to install.

4.The middle is square to easily firm it with wrench or spanner.

5.They are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including medical, electronics and food applications, and are used in many industrial markets for fluids handling and also apply to Flojet and Shurflo pumps.

6.It is belong to commercial ice making equipment, beverage dispensing equipment, beverage parts and accessories

7.All stainless steel fittings are passivated or electro polished .

8.There are general equal tee and reducing tee. It is named because the three ends can be connected with the pipe.

9.The inner wall of the product is very smooth, allowing liquid to pass through very smoothly.

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