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Barb tee

30101:SS tee 1/4 barb                                             30723:SS tee (2) 1/2 barb × 1/2 barb - bottom

30102:SS tee (2) 1/4 barb × 3/8 barb - bottom      30108:SS tee 5/16 barb

30103:SS tee (2) 3/8 barb × 1/4 barb - bottom      30109:SS tee 5/5/5

30104:SS tee 3/8 barb                                             30110:SS tee (2) 1/2 barb × 1/4 barb

30105:SS tee (2) 1/2 barb × 3/8 barb - bottom      30111:SS tee (2) 3/4 barb × 3/4 barb - bottom

30106:SS tee (2) 3/8 barb × 1/2 barb - bottom


1.The barb size is very small, connect with small hose, tubing.

2.The Hose Barb Tee Beverage Fittings is belong to commercial ice making equipment, beverage dispensing equipment, beverage parts and accessories

3.Fittings made of stainless steel are durable, reusable and perform better over time than plastic fittings, which can deteriorate and leak.

4.After this stainless steel barb tee is connected to the plastic hose, we recommend that you add a stainless steel clamp for more tightening

5.Environment friendly, non-toxic, good looking and long service life;

6.The sharp barb grab the tube, hose firmly and tight without slipping, but without any flash or burr.

7.The 10.5 - 17.0 clamp on the 3/8 barb, depend on your beverage tubing size.

8.Pipes and fittings are used to connect, terminate, and control flow in many different industries. We have different specifications and models, which can easily change the direction of liquid transportation in the pipeline.

9.When purchasing tube fitting, consider the application as this will affect the type, shape, size and desired durability of the material. Parts are available in a variety of shapes including threaded or barbed.

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