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Barb splicer to barb splicer


11101:SS splicer 1/4 barb × 1/4 barb     11107:SS splicer 1/8 barb × 1/8 barb

11102:SS splicer 3/8 barb × 3/8 barb     11108:SS splicer 5/16 barb × 5/16 barb

11103:SS splicer 1/4 barb × 3/8 barb     11109:SS splicer 3/16 barb × 3/16 barb

11104:SS splicer 3/8 barb × 1/2 barb     11110:SS splicer 7/16 barb × 7/16 barb

11105:SS splicer 1/2 barb × 1/2 barb     11111:SS splicer 5/32 barb × 5/32 barb

11106:SS splicer 1/4 barb × 1/2 barb


1.We are a manufacturer of SS304 tubes and fittings. We accept OEM business.

2.The excellent stainless steel or brass construction of our straight hose barb splicer fittings.

3.The barb is tapered ensure a tight and leak free sealing when connecting with hoses, but there is not any burr, flash.

4.Inner hole thoroughly clean and flow smoothly

5.Our fittings are precision tooled for consistently clean, and the sharp barbs (smoothly) ensuring to tight fitting without leakage

6.The barb splicers are for used with rubber, tubing soft to accept a clamp style connection.

7.The barb fitting is belong to equal size, we have also reducer.

8.All normal size are available.

9.In the food and beverage industry, quality and safety are more important than ever, especially when there is a high risk of contamination. 

Food and beverage hoses are specially designed for various applications for conveying and transporting food, beverages and drinking water

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