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MPT to male flare

10901:SS union 1/4 MFL × 1/4 MPT      10906:SS union 3/8 MFL X 1/4 NPT

10902:SS union 3/8 MFL × 3/8 NPT      10907:SS union 1/2 MFL X 3/8 NPT

10903:SS union 1/4 MFL × 3/8 NPT      10908:SS union 3/8 MFL X 1/2 NPT

10904:SS union 1/4 MFL × 1/8 NPT      10909:SS union 1/2 MFL X 1/2 NPT

10905:SS union 3/8 MFL × 1/8 NPT      10910:SS union 3/8 MFL X 3/4 NPT


1.Stainless steel Male flare thread to male NPT thread is made of stainless steel 304, 316 meet GB/T1220-2007 standard.

2.Connected with swivel nut and nylon washer

3.One side threads to the MFL on beer or gas applications

4.The thickness of the splicer is thick, so it is not easy to damage during operation.

5.In order to sustain high quality, it is importance that the products are uniform.Therefore tolerance and thickness are carefully controlled.

6.Note: Manufacturing process can be in accordance with the different finish, materials and industrial standards, with a simple structure,  Beautiful shape, easy disassembly, flexible operation, fluid resistance is small, the use of safe and reliable

7.Application Range: It mainly used in the field of dairy products, wine, in western medicine, tea drinks, soy products, chemical products,  Seasoning, cold, biological engineering, water processing engineering, juice drinks, food, high purity gas etc. 

8.Featuring superior chemical, water, and corrosion resistance for extreme applications, this male straight union provides good sealing reliability. 

9.Ideal for use as an adapter to hose assemblies, or as a tube fitting with flared stainless seamless or welded tubing. 

10.Meeting Reach-SVHC requirement, NSF certification

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