Product About

Barb plug

10701:SS plug 1/4 barb

10702:SS plug 3/8 barb

10703:SS plug 1/2 barb

10706:SS plug 5/16 barb


1.Connected to plastic hose with stainless steel stepless clamp,

2.This stainless steel hose plug is made out of strong 304 stainless steel. It s outside diameter is 3/8" making it ideal for use with tubing that has an inner diameter of 3/8".

3.Plug barb fittings made of stainless steel are durable, health

4.The product passed the salt spray testing

5.Full auto inspection and package machine

6.Application:It is applied to the stainless steel pipeline system,which is used for milk,food,juice,beer,ect.

7.Type: elbows, tees, cross, bends, nipples, unions, splicer, flanges, plugs, round caps, etc.

8.Casting Service:

Casting is a manufacturing process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify. 

Forging Service:

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. We offers open die forging, closed die forging and ring forging services. Material can be steel, iron and non-ferrous. 

Stamping Service:

Stamping (also known as punching) is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape.

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