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Barb splicer to barb splicer-Reducer


12001:Splice SS 1/8 × 1/4                                      12011:3/16 × 3/8  barb splicer

12002:1/8 × 3/8 Splicer - Reducers                       12012:1/4 × 5/16  barb splicer

12003:Splice reducing S/S 4 mm × 6 mm            12014:1/4 × 7/16 BARB HOSE SPLICER

12004:Splice S/S 10 mm × 4 mm                          12015:1/2 × 5/16 barb splicer

12005:Splice SS 5.0 mm × 9.5 mm                       12016:5/16 ×3/8 Splicer-Reducers  

12006:Splicer - Reducers SS 6 mm × 5 mm        12017:1/2 × 5/16 barb splicer

12007:Splicer - Reducers SS 8 mm × 5 mm        12018:SPLICE SS 9MM × 11MM BARB

12008:Splice SS 6 mm × 8 mm                             12019: Splice S/S 8mm × 8mm

12009:3/16 × 1/4 barb splicer                                12020:SS splicer 7/16 Barb × 1/2 barb

12010:3/16 × 5/16 Splicer-Reducers    



1.High quality stainless steel 304 meet US ASTM standard.

2.Hose Barb Fits the ID of Tubing and Hose

3.Connected to hose with stainless steel clamp

4.High precisionthe required precision is obtained after the shape-formingwithout further process both small and big components.

5.Connect a hose, tubing with clamp to strongly tight into the barb, protect the hose from slipping from the barb with high press.

6.Our fittings are precision tooled for consistently clean, and the sharp barbs (smoothly) ensuring to tight fitting without leakage

7.The barb splicer are used with rubber, PVC and soft tubing enough to accept a clamp style connection.

8.Nominal Diameter:3/16,1/4,5/16,3/8,1/2 inch ,and so on.

9.If you need to add a little stability with pressure, you need to connect a hose clamp, although the hose barb holds onto the tube by itself.

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In order to ensure the high quality, our factory has introduced a large number of precise and modern equipments from Japan, also owns many advanced inspection and measurement  instructions.