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Adapter barb to FFL swivel nut

10301:SS adapter 1/2 Barb × 3/8 FFL Swivel

10302:SS adapter 1/4 Barb × 1/2 FFL Swivel

10303:SS adapter 3/8 Barb × 1/4 FFL Swivel

10304:SS adapter 1/2 Barb × 1/2 FFL Swivel

10305:SS adapter 1/2 Barb × 3/8 FFL Swivel


1.Barb swivel nut allow you to easily attach tubing to any MFL (male flare thread) fitting.

2.One side threads to the MFL on beer or gas applications.

3.MaterialSS304, SS316.

4.Surface treatmentPolishing, passivation.

5. One-touch tube fittings are used in beer or beverage piping.

6. The tube fittings come in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic beer or beverage piping.Generally used on the gas side of a system. 

7 Use a hose clamp when using this product.

8.The products realize water saving, energy conservation, health, safety and intelligent control functions by controlling flow, direction, pressure and temperature of cold/hot water, steam, gas and oil etc.And the material and the quality of control parts. 

9.This barb to female flared fitting makes a great coupler for beer line. 

10.There is no reason to use a gasket or Teflon tape on a flare fitting. If your flare is leaking something is not working properly.

11.Special reaming machine for drilling

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