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U-Bend barb tee

30501:1/4 x1/4 U-Bend manifolds-single barb       30507:5/16 x5/16 U-Bend manifolds-single barb

30502:SS U - bend (2) 3/8 barb × 3/8 barb port      30508:SS U - bend (2) 3/8 barb × 3/8 barb port

30503:3/8" U - bend manifold W/ 3/8" barb -          30509:SS Y-JOINT

30504:SS U - bend (2) 1/4 barb × 3/8 barb port      30510:SS U - bend (2) 1/2 barb × 3/8 barb port

30505:U - bend 6mm1 X 6mm take off                      30511:1/4 x1/2 U-Bend manifolds-single barb

30506:U bend 1/2 1 X 1/2 take off                            30512:1/2" U-Bend manifold

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