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GAS MANIFOLD (2 ways to 10 ways)

Model: GW3302G

Type ; 2 Way Gas Manifold

Minifold Material: Aluminum

Mounting Bracket: Integrated

Nipple: brass

Plug: brass

Mini gas valve: Brass Chrome Plated or Nickel Plated

Inlet Connection: 3/8" O.D. (To fit 5/16" I.D. Gas Hose)

Outlet Connections: 3/8" O.D. (To fit 5/16" I.D. Gas Hose)


Manifolds are a great way to have one CO2 tank supply multiple kegs.

This manifold is made from aluminum, brass. It also works up to 100 psi and includes 1/4 barb, 5/16 barb, 3/8 barb and 1/4 MFL with built in check valves.

Other part can be added to the end of the manifold for an additional gas line according to customer s request.

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