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Step 1

Disconnect empty keg and tap a fresh keg

Step 2

Push down and hold vent knob, and allow the chamber to refill with clear beer. While venting, a small amount of beer and foam will escape through the vent line.

Step 3

Push in the round handle (float release), the float will rise to the top of the chamber and allow beer to flow to the faucet.

Step 4

Pull out the round handle(float release)to work position, you are ready to pour beer.


Step 1

Disconnect keg and connect line to cleaning system.

Step 2

Push in the round handle (float release) to clean position to prevent float from seating.Clean beer lines.

Step 3

Push down & hold vent knob to allow cleaning solution to fill chamber and exit through vent. This will clean the chamber, vent and drain.

Step 4

Rinse with water. Repeat Step 3 while rinsing with water.

Step 5

Once cleaning is complete and you are ready to reconnect beer, pull out the handle (float release) to work position and repeat step 1-4 as per“Changing the keg”.

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